BBC The Normans. Conquest

I thought I would start Februaries posting with a video on a topic recomenned to me by a friend. The topic is norman conquest. I hope you enjoy!

— Samantha


  1. It’s an interesting topic. I started the novel I’m writing with a “scene” from the Norman conquest….

    Wexford, Ireland
    May 1169

    It was a small skirmish which took place in Wexford, Ireland in early May 1169, but an important skirmish. It was the first battle of the Norman invasion; the first bloody encounter in a struggle which was to endure for eight hundred years.
    The Norman lord and soldier Robert Fitzstephen watched and listened as the men aboard the cog LE’ Eithne died while his forces prevented the Irish from rescuing them.

  2. Thank you for sharing this bit of history. I am reading of the Viking and Norman exploration and conquering of Europe at this and this is a great piece.

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