1. Seems like not a lot came out of that BBC2 program. It’s a part of history which should yield some excitement. Why did the King not negotiate sensibly and make an attempt to retain confidence of people in the North America colonies? What was the rationale behind his moves? Was he influenced by any particular members of the political establishment?

    • Thank you for replying – nice to know that someone’s reading :-). It wasn’t really up to George III to negotiate: by the late 18th century, it was more something that his ministers should have been doing. I think they felt that negotiating would make them look weak, and that they had to show people who was boss. The same attitude was taken towards the British working-classes, especially once revolution broke out in France and the ruling classes everywhere else panicked that the same thing would happen in their countries. It wasn’t until the 1832 that even the British middle-classes were given more political rights.

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