1. Ashamed? If you read the article you would know I very much admire these tribes. If a mistake had occurred, I have no idea why you would think it was out of disrespect or shame. NOTHIING about my article was or is disrespectful to their beautiful culture. I also cross referenced and double checked all my images just now because of your comment, You are wrong. The pictures are accurate. The last one is associated with lots of tribes and mainly Yokuts. I concede there may be a mistake with it but since it is associated with my cross references, I am not inclined to take it down. Also, just for the record. I am from California, born and raised. I love this state. I do not understand why you would assume that there was shame or disrespect. That makes literally no sense whatsoever. Even if the pictures were incorrect. It would have been a mistake not intentional. However, they are accurate pictures so I am not changing them. Thanks! — Samantha

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